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GFoundry Modules

The complete digital solution for boosting engagement and performance with gamification

Why GFoundry Modules?

At GFoundry, we work daily to update our tool to meet organization´s challenges with regards to human capital development. Our range of modules offer a diversity of tools to fulfil different requirements across corporate departments.

Each of our modules help solve one or more challenges in an organisation.

Each module can be connected independently but all of them communicate with one another so as to allow for an integrated and common strategy across the organisation.

All modules include API connections, and can incorporate external data and send data to other software.

Know more about GFoundry Modules

General Features of GFoundry Platform:

  • SaaS
  • Multi tenant architecture
  • Totally customizable & Multi-device: Web App, iOS and Android
  • Gamification Engine (badges, rankings, points, multi-event triggers, external API)
  • Sign-up via whitelist
  • Single sign-on authentication
  • Tribes
  • Teams
  • Groups
  • Events
  • Articles/news
  • Virtual Coins
  • Modules & Features segmentation
  • Users segmentation
  • Content segmentation
  • Features & Modules segmentation
  • Teams departments
  • Contact form
  • Push notifications
  • FAQs
  • Engagement Thermometer *
  • Missions (Player Journeys) **

** G-Corporate Plan is the only thats includes the Engagement Thermometer addon.
** G-Corporate Plan and G-Consumer Plan is the only thats includes Missions addon.

GFoundry’s Cloud Architecture

GFoundry’s Cloud platform is built on a micro-services architecture, distributed in docker containers on top of a Kubernets cluster.

The infrastructure is implemented on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Learn Module – The power of microlearning

GFoundry is the motivation and training solution for your employees.

Increase the effectiveness of your knowledge acquisition and align behaviours and content adoption.

With this module you can

  • Provide training & on-boarding content in Quiz, PDF and Video format
  • Promote incremental learning through multiple levels of difficulty
  • Promote knowledge battles between users
  • Provide multiple challenges with many different subjects and multiple players, tribes, teams and groups
  • Reward participation and results
  • Promote competition

Main Features

  • Four quizes game modes: classic, genius, leader and Battle
  • Learning Courses and digital Certificates
  • Categories a Subcategories
  • Adicional PDF’s & Vídeos
  • Detailed statistics
  • Quizes segmentation

Your Own Contents

GFoundry is the motivation and training solution for your employees

Corporate and Marketing Message

Mission, Vision, Values

Human Resources

Personal Development, Ethics and Compliance, Who is Who, Welcome Kit, Team Building

Quality and Safety

Safety and Emergency Plan, Corporate Health and Safety


Leadership, Innovation, Project Management


New products, Campaigns, Competition

Technical Training

Finance, Statistics, Marketing, Technology

Several learning formats: Quiz, Video, PDF

Multiple learning formats to flash your contents

Make Quiz’s with Text, Image And Audio

Use free text, image and audio to enhance the quality of your quiz contents.

Multiple Choice

Up to four possible answers, only one is right


Add videos to your training modules and increase the learning experience.


Add documents in PDF format to each training module

Market Module – Your market place for coin exchange

Market place of prizes

Showcase your prizes, create social awareness and promote partners items

Reporting & logistics

Create a manager to receive and deliver requests

Main Features

  • Market place for coin exchange with categories and items
  • Showcase prizes, create social awarenes and promote partners
  • Market management feature to externalize receive and deliver requests

Compararisons Module – The power of crowdsourcing

Compare, compare, compare!

Confront products, take decisions based on collective choices, create market studies and promote collective choices!


Give voice to employees, suppliers, clientes and consumers , for a better understanding of needs that should be incorporated into a new product or service.

Stats & Reporting

Understand what was chosen and who chose, view rankings of each item in confrontation, validate your choices and decisions.

Main Features

  • Items comparison system
  • Multiple and simultaneous comparison cycles

Machine Gaming – Gamify your world

Integrate with your data!

Integrate completely with any software

Use your data for better business decisions

Create various competitions with your data structure altering only the metrics.

Continuous and real time measurements

Rankings by competition. Obtain and manage your data.

Main Features

  • External data integration via API or using XLS files
  • Sync with GFoundry gamification engine
  • Integrate with existing software
  • Create various competitions with your data structure altering only the metrics
  • Rankings by competition. Obtain and manage your data

Employee Evaluation and Performance appraisals- create a simple and agile process

Professional Careers

Insert your company Professional Careers, including the professional categories and weight for each skill.

Evaluation Cycles

Create multiple evaluation cycles, sequential or simultaneously per careers. Evaluate competences and objectives.

Promote a feedback culture

During an evaluation cycle, employees are invited justify their auto evalution following feedback and evaluation from their manager.

Which Employee Appraisal model can you implement with GFoundry?

GFoundry allows you to define several types of appraisal models to evaluate an employee’s performance:

  • Top-down appraisal
  • Management by objectives (MBO)
  • Self-assessment
  • 360 degree feedback


Top-Down Appraisal

A Top-Down Appraisal is most common and involves an employee evaluation by a direct manager and is based on the completion of pre-set goals defined by management. Productivity, behaviour and goal completion can be measured. Outcomes of this method can be used for wage raise and promotions.

Management by Objectives (MBO)

Management by Objectives, also called MBO, involves management and employee collaboration in defining goals. Once goals have been set and agreed upon, management uses the outcomes to provide feedback.


Self-Assessment is a performance assessment made by the employee.

The employee will compare his actual performance to the goals that were set for him. Outcomes of this method are generally goal attainment, problem solving skills, communication skills and teamwork.

There is generally a professional development or growth plan developed by the employee that lists ways in which he plans to increase his or her performance. This may include additional training, education or higher productivity goals.

360 Degree Feedback

360 Degree Feedback includes feedback from piers, colleagues, management and even business partners and/or clientes.

Feedback is gathered from multiple perspectives, based on the relationship between both partes and can be used as a roadmap to develop the employee’s competencies and define goals.

This method is generally not linked to better pay or promotion. It is used mainly for self-development.

Full Reports & Dashboards

You can access to multiple real-time dashboards with multiple filters and download a complete & full reports in XLS files.

Main Features

  • User career management system
  • Professional categories, skillsets, skills evaluation scales and weights
  • Simultaneous evaluation cycles

Recognition Module – Identify competences

I thank you for…

Who do I want to publicly thank? Which attitude or behaviour must be endorsed? What feedback do I get?

I know…

What technical skills do I have? Which of my skills do others recognize? I will endorse others for their hard skills!

I Excel in…

Which behaviours do others recognize in me? Which soft skill do I endorse in my colleagues?

Main Features

  • Recognition with stars & Reviews
  • Endorsements by Soft skills
  • Endorsements by Hard skills

Innovation Module – Promote call to ideas participation and sharing

Sharing culture

Give voice to your employees: promote continuous sharing of ideas and feedback

Create an innovation ecosystem

Transform creative ideas into business opportunities

The power of Crowdsourcing

Connect specialists, gather insights from multiple sources and promote knowledge inside your company

Main Features

  • Innovation management system 100% customisable
  • Voting on ideas
  • Comments on ideas
  • Multi innovation simultaneous challenges

Feedback & Surveys Module – Promote continuous feedback

Various types of contributions & Surveys

Generate new leads for your pipeline, manage claims, surveys, etc

Various moments of interaction

Reward your players in 2 moments: 1) when the contribution is validated; 2) when the contribution is implemented.

Continuous feedback

Stimulate participation and include this best practice in the day to day of your company!

Main Features

  • Feedback forms
  • Assessment forms
  • Sales prospect forms
  • Organizational climate forms

Goals Module

A collaborative goal-setting tool used by teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results.

Define goals

Which are my short term professional goals? And personal? Short term goals help me get closer to my long term goals!

Challenge my colleagues

Which challenges shall I set for my team? Do I accept the challenges I have received?


Am I willing to invest in my colleagues goals, do I believe in their capacity to deliver?

Use OKRs!

With GFoundry, you can use OKRs goal-setting techniques.

OKRs (Objectives Key Results) can enable teams to focus on the big and ambitious goals and accomplish more than the team thought was possible.

OKRs can help teams and individuals get outside of their comfort zones, prioritize work, and learn from both success and failure.

Main Features

  • Personal Goals & challenges
  • Profissional Goals & challenges
  • Goals investments system
  • Mass Goals & challenges management system
  • Objectives and key results (OKR) goal-settings tools

Tasks Module – Task management made simple with gamification

Eliminate manual tasks. Automate routine tasks so you can focus on the work that really matters!

Main Features

  • Plan tasks and monitor their progress
  • Associate tasks to groups & teams automatically
  • Take action on real world issues with digital journeys
  • Compensate your employees for finishing tasks and for a job well done
  • Integrate tasks with onboarding missions, learning journeys, innovation programs, and more!

GFoundry Plans

G-Corporate Plan

The complete digital solution for boosting engagement and performance with gamification
What is this plan for?

Successful organisations recognise that employee assessment and selection must be viewed as part of a larger, inter-connected talent management strategy; a strategy where emphasis is not only in attracting, assessing, and hiring top talent, but also in developing and retaining employees.

G-Corporate is a complete system designed to increase workplace productivity by supporting processes for attracting, developing, and retaining people with the required skills and aptitude to meet current and future business needs.

G-Corporate covers the entire HR life cycle, including recruiting, assessment, on-boarding, training/development and employee assessment.

Modules included in this plan: Learn, Market, Comparation, Machine Gaming, Performance & Evaluation, Recognition, Innovation, Contributions & Surveys, Goals.

This plan is the only thats includes the Engagement Thermometer!

G-Trainer Plan

The digital solution for training purposes with gamification
What is this plan for?

When you add a gamification strategy to your employee learning experience they will want to participate!

G-Trainer gives corporates the ability to create a micro learning experience with an adjustable gamification engine.

Build your gamified strategy according to your corporate culture for all areas of learning:

  • Onboarding
  • Health and safety
  • Business knowledge
  • Product
  • and more!

Make it fun and they will come!

Modules included in this plan: Learn, Market.

G-Consumer Plan

A B2C solution with gamification
What is this plan for?

As a company, you need to:

  • Increase brand awareness,
  • Engage clients and visitors,
  • Collect actionable insights,
  • and boost your ROI and results.

Given consumers’ attentions are getting shorter, how do you make sure your content stand out from the rest? By incorporating a gamification strategy and using GFoundry as your communication platform with your current and future clients.

G-Consumer allows you to deploy a gamified marketing strategy and create content engagement without complicated developments and software

Modules included in this plan: Learn, Market, Comparation, Machine Gaming.

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Machine Gaming
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Modules included:

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