Performance and Career Management

Continuous or one-off assessment to help you achieve goals and objectives throughout the year

Enter your company’s career paths, including all professional categories and the weight of each competence you need to evaluate.

The GFoundry platform allows you to create various assessment models to evaluate your employees’ performance:

  • Top-Down evaluation
  • Evaluation by Objectives (MBO)
  • Self-evaluation
  • Potential management
  • 360 degree feedback and evaluation

Key features:

  • Succession management;
  • Mobility management;
  • Feedback process management
  • Management of career expectations
  • Evaluation of objectives and competencies
  • Delegation of assessment responsibilities
  • Evaluation and Management of potential (9-box matrix);
  • Logbook system with history, per employee
  • Management of IDPs (individual development plans);
  • Career management, advanced dashboards with multiple filters
  • Individual archetypes (based on performance information);
  • System of periodic touchpoints for quantitative evaluation and feedback;

Check this great case study with Carglass, which has implemented a complete evaluation & talent management solution which is called Go Inside, currently spread throughout the entire internal structure.

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Why performance evaluation is so important?

Knowing some metrics in your company can give you valuable knowledge and help you anticipate some important decision making.

With GFoundry, the answers to some important questions are just a click away:

  • Which employees are highly likely to leave the company?
  • Who are the employees with the highest potential?
  • Who might succeed in a certain function?
  • Who are the future leaders of the company?
  • Which competences does the company need to develop internally?


Different modules that create integrated solutions

Each platform module can be linked independently, but all communicate with each other to allow an integrated strategy and the creation of different solutions!