Performance Evaluation and Career Management

Continuous or one-off assessment to help you achieve goals and objectives throughout the year


Take full power of your people with one unique platform

Which employees have high probability to leave the company?

Who are the high-potential employees?

Who will be the best successors for a particular job?

Knowing the right metrics in your company can provide you with valuable insights and help you anticipate some important decisions.

The potential of the GFoundry platform gets a boost in your employees’ development and talent management & evaluation cycles.

Performance appraisals. How does it work?

In GFoundry, it is possible to evaluate Objectives and Competencies. The platform allows you to create many assessment models to evaluate your employees’ performance:
  Top-Down Evaluation
  360º Feedback and Evaluation
  Objectives Evaluation

The Touchpoints

In GFoundry, it is possible to define touchpoint periods, where employees can review their goals, their individual development plans and also fill out a form that can guide the conversation between employee and manager. In this way, it is possible to guarantee the continuity of the whole process, ensuring regular monitoring of employee performance.

Potential Management. How does it work?

In addition to performance evaluation, you can also manage your employees’ Potential and Career Management process. At this stage, responsibility is placed on the managers who are responsible for their teams, having a clear perception not only of each one’s performance, but also a perception of their potential within the organisation.

The exit risk matrix

The information in this matrix is crucial in order to identify the profiles with the highest risk of leaving the organisation and which will have a high impact on the business if this happens. In this way, any Human Resources manager will be able to have a generalised view of the risk of team members leaving, enabling early decision making.
GFoundry’s exit risk matrix is composed of two dimensions:
1. The probability of employee churn
2. The impact of their departure on the company
A score is generated for each of the dimensions and each employee is positioned in the matrix according to these values.

Super dashboards to manage your company’s talent!

Data is useless if it is not organised and does not generate useful information for users and decision-makers.
It is easy to manage all your talent, get all the information you need from employee performance, potencial and churn probability. Take better decisions in advance!

Different modules that create integrated solutions

Each platform module can be linked independently, but all communicate with each other to allow an integrated strategy and the creation of different solutions!