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SOMA (Leroy Merlin): a complete solution for talent management

From GFoundry digital platform, Leroy Merlin deployed one solution for all its employees, whose name choice was SOMA.

The main goal to accomplish with GFoundry solution is changing the way people communicate and interact in key moments while working, such as performance appraisal, manage individual development plans, the recognition process, feedback, onboarding, among others.

Cláudia Batista, captain on this project, that touch more than 5000 employees, explain the  to the Portuguese Industrial and Commercial Chamber (Portuguese CCIP) the fundamentals of this ambitious solution:

Having in mind a more and increasing digital world, issues like attraction, managing and retaining talent were settled as core to which Leroy Merlin deployed a digital engagement platform – SOMA.

This offers a suite of diverse modules to fulfill human resources department needs but not just HR as it is to manage overall business within the company.
Our strategy for one of the most important business processes for HR – performance appraisal – will happen in an integrated way with other gamified modules existing in the platform.

One example of this integration was the launch of the module called “Recognition Sum (SOMA)” where one can recognize their fellow colleagues and give them positive feedback, plus with the learn module “Knowledge Sum (SOMA)”, in which is promoted that while you are learning you are earning points at the same time.

With GFoundry solution we ensure that entire performance management is really ongoing and easy to access. Employees have their goals and their Development Plan at their disposal in the “Talent Sum (SOMA)” module at all times and by that, they can update their managers in real time.

We are evolving constantly and we are designing strategic steps to embrace new challenges. The next one incorporates the onboarding of newcomers.

Cláudia Batista – Talent Development and Learning Manager @ Leroy Merlin

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