The Talent Management Platform That Empowers Employees to Succeed.

GFoundry uses gamification, AI and social features to boost employee engagement and improve performance.
What you get: More Engaged Employees, Less Turnover, HR Processes transformed into Impacting Experiences.
Talent management platform to boost employee engagement

The Cost of Employee Disengagement

Employee disengagement is a major problem for businesses today. Moreover, according to a study by Gallup, a staggering 80% of workers are disengaged at work. In other words, the vast majority of employees are either actively disengaged or somewhat disengaged. This was the key motivation that led to the creation of a Talent Management Platform to boost employee engagement with gamification.

Now, let’s delve into the consequences.

The costs of employee disengagement can be significant. For instance, a study by the Aberdeen Group found that disengaged employees cost businesses an average of $3,400 per year per employee. This amount includes the costs of lost productivity, increased turnover, and decreased customer satisfaction.
Moreover, disengaged employees are 21% less productive than engaged employees, as found by a study conducted by Towers Watson. 
Disengaged employees are 150% more likely to leave their jobs, according to a study by the Aberdeen Group.

How GFoundry Can Help You Improve Employee Engagement and Performance?

Our Talent Management Platform can help businesses improve employee engagement and performance by transforming their employee talent cycle into unforgettable digital experiences at every stage of the employee journey:

Here are some examples of how GFoundry can help your company:

Build Organizational Resilience: The GFoundry platform strengthens organizational resilience by providing tools that help companies focus on adaptability.
Managing objectives with OKR Software GFoundry’s OKR software aligns with your corporate strategy, providing tools for tracking short-term tasks and long-term business outcomes.
Onboarding: We can help you quickly onboard new employees, making them feel welcomed and valued from day one.
Training: We can help you build engaging training modules to keep your employees skilled and current, fostering a culture of continuous learning in your organization.
Performance Appraisal: We simplify and manage performance appraisals, focusing on skill assessments and employee goals. Our transparent and motivating methods lead to enhanced job performance and satisfaction.
Employee Rewards and recognition: We can help you create a rewards and recognition program that will motivate your employees to achieve their goals, thus increasing their overall engagement and dedication.
Employee Engagement Surveys GFoundry Pulse and Feedback Surveys track company trends through employee insights, showing the impact of your actions and identifying areas and teams that need support.

GFoundry’s Platform Benefits

GFoundry’s Talent Management Platform offers a number of benefits for businesses, it is able to support key HR trends, and more:

Improved employee engagement: By leveraging gamification and several talent management solutions, GFoundry can help to make the workplace more fun and engaging, thereby motivating employees and keeping them engaged in their work.
Reduced employee turnover: Through providing employees with opportunities for development and growth, as well as creating a positive and supportive work environment, GFoundry can help to reduce employee turnover. This ultimately leads to a more stable and dedicated workforce.
Increased productivity: Through providing employees with the resources they need to succeed, such as access to training & development opportunities, and performance management tools like our Evaluation Module, GFoundry’s platform can help to increase productivity.
Employee well-being: GFoundry promotes and provides tools to work on several important dimensions of employee well-being: Physical health, Mental and emotional health, Job satisfaction, Work-life balance, Financial well-being and Social well-being.
Attracting and retaining top talent: GFoundry can help with this by providing a platform that creates a more engaging and attractive workplace using Recruitment & Onboarding solutions and The Gamification Engine. In doing so, your company can become a magnet for top talent.
Reduced costs: Through streamlining the talent management process by automating tasks, centralizing data, and providing insights into employee engagement and performance, GFoundry’s platform can help to reduce costs. Additionally, the ability to integrate and create data workflows with multiple platforms can provide further efficiency gains.
Holistic approach: GFoundry’s platform takes a holistic approach to talent management, ensuring that features are not isolated in a process or module, but are integrated into an overall, holistic experience layer. This approach fosters a seamless and comprehensive employee experience.
Innovative compensation and benefits programs: dynamic compensation and benefits programs tailored to different employee segments.



… “A great advantage of the platform is the possibility of being completely customizable, we can quickly increase the content and make it available in real time for all our collaborators.” Read more here!

Catarina Vasconcelos Matias
HR Manager, Closer Consulting
mariana caraca

“Gamification was the right way to modernize our training system for the pharmacists we work with. We wanted to develop a platform for those looking for in-depth training – but at the same time, explore the possibility of providing quick tips/key messages to make it easier to retain our products in the face of growing competition. ” Read more here!

Mariana Caraça
Marketing Diretor, Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique Portugal

“It is a simple, intuitive tool that is easy to use and generates immediate results. It is a solution for any business area.

Giving the example of training, GFoundry goes beyond the traditional LMS because it has mobile apps, does not require a desktop, schedules and, above all, it is fun and serves our purposes.” Read more here!

Pedro Correia
Training Manager, DPD

“GFoundry is a solution that allows the integration of processes, with which people can consult the annual objectives, their evaluation, protocols with various entities, access their information and that of the company, participate in activities and interact with the community.

We recommend GFoundry to any company that wants to introduce dynamics in its activities with people and see a transformation in behaviour and results.” Read more here!

Fátima Gonçalves
People & Int. Communication Director, Cork Supply

“With this solution we guarantee that the entire performance management process is truly ongoing and easy to access.

Employees always have their objectives and development plan available in the “Soma Talent” module.” Read more here!

Cláudia Batista
Head Of Training and Development, Leroy Merlin

“We started the partnership with GFoundry still pre-pandemic, never imagining it would be so useful to us at a stage when we have people all from home and how are we now going to be able to reach them, and keep them engaged, when they end up doing an onboarding all remotely!” Read more here!

Mariana Vieira de Sá
Human Resources Director, Carglass
Woitek Szymankiewicz, Closer Consulting Partner v2

“Nowadays there is a huge war for talent. We all want to have the best people working with us. Connecting with people at work is super important. With GFoundry we have solved that challenge very well.” Read more here!

Woitek Szymankiewicz,
Partner, Closer Consulting
Maurício Marques HR diretor Natixis

“We thought it might be a good idea to come up with something that would complement their (traditional) onboarding plan in some way. We needed something that in addition to the 2-day onboarding would give them something more personal, allow them to get to know the (Natixis) culture better.” Know more here.

Maurício Marques
Human Resources Director, Natixis
Nuno morais

“I am very optimistic about the ultimate impact the app (AppyBrain) will have on children’s education in the future.” Read more here.

Nuno Morais
Partner & Co-founder, Impacting Group

“Despite having at its base the use of game elements, game principles and techniques, the implementation of this type of tools in an organization should be taken very seriously, with a well thought-out and defined strategy. Without a doubt, a high potential platform that with adequate investment and dedication, has supported us in improving performance, motivation, training and overall engagement of our employees.”

Marta Serrano
HR Business Partner, Randstad Portugal

General Features of GFoundry Talent Management Platform

  • SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Multi-Module: Learn, Engagement thermometer, Marketplace, Comparisons, KPI’sCompetitions, Evaluation & careers, Recognition, Innovation, Surveys, OKRs, Tasks, Feedback.
  • Multi tenant architecture
  • Multi-Company (One single account with multiple sub-accounts; e.g. one Headquarter with multiples BU’s)
  • Totally customizable & Multi-device: Web App, iOS and Android
  • Totally integrable with other platforms (Slack, SAP, Microsoft Teams, Workday, Dropbox, Facebook, Gmail, Monday, Linkedin, Microsoft Power BI, and many others)
  • Gamification Engine (badges, rankings, virtual coins, points, multi-event triggers, digital vouchers, KPI’s Competitions, prizes marketplace, external APIs-)
  • Competency Mapping Engine
  • Employee Journeys(Onboarding Journeys, Learning Journeys, Career Paths, and more.)
  • Single sign-on authentication (SAML, Active Directory, LDAP, Google, Linkedin)
  • Fully segmentable by: Users, Tribes, Teams, Groups & Departments, Learn Content, Features & Modules
  • Articles, news & Events
  • Push notifications
  • FAQs

Our customer’s stories

Find out how some of our customers are transforming their organisations using GFoundry.


What differentiates us from our competitors?

1. Experience-Focused & Holistic Approach

We differentiate ourselves through our holistic approach to employee talent management. Our main goal is to create fulfilling Digital Employee Experiences. We transform typical HR processes into engaging experiences.

Our Talent Management Platform functionalities are not isolated in a process or in a module. They are integrated into an overall, holistic experience layer and are part of something bigger.

2. Employee Centric

Our product has an employee centric approach with a strong focus on providing personalized career development, sharing & feedback tools and social interactions.

3. Mobile First & Gamification

We are also a mobile first product with a gamification engine to boost engagement and productivity.

4. The GFoundry 5 Layers Methodology

Our methodology implies the creation of 5 layers, so that we can create impactful and gamified employee-centric experiences, with a strong focus on provide personalized career development, sharing & feedback tools and social interactions, even in companies that already have other HR software:


GFoundry's Talent Management Platform

Is GFoundry a Gamification Software for Employee Engagement?

We are not ONLY a gamification software. GFoundry is a talent management software from A to Z, that uses gamification to make some processes more impactful, effective and innovative.

Which processes can I handle with the GFoundry platform?

Some of them are: Recruitment and selection, Onboarding, Training and development, Performance management, Compensation and benefits, Employee engagement, Work-life balance, Diversity and inclusion, Health and safety, Feedback & Recognition, OKR management, Pulse Surveys, Marketing programs, and more! Click here to know more.

At which stages of my employees' talent cycle can GFoundry's solutions help me?

GFoundry’s solutions can help you manage talent in the phases of attraction, recruitment, pre-onboarding and onboarding, development, Performance management, Retention and Offboarding.

I realized that the GFoundry platform has many software modules. Can I use just a few at first and add others as I need them?

Of course you can. Our clients’ usual strategy is to connect modules according to their needs and the strategy they have defined for each 12-month cycle.

Can I buy only 1 module of the platform?

It is not possible to buy only 1 module or even a specific one. Our offer has 3 different subscription plans. Each plan has a set of modules and features associated. Know more here.

Does GFoundry have a self-service model?

Yes, it’s our free, self-service BASE plan. You can know more about this plan in this link or you can create an account right now here.

In GFoundry's licensing model, can I license users one by one? Is there a minimum number of users I have to license?

In the BASE plan, which is our self-service plan, you can license users one by one. Up to 5 users this plan is 100% free.

In the PLUS and PREMIUM plans, the minimum number of users to license is 250, which corresponds to the first tier. The licensing of more users is done by purchasing blocks of 250 users.

The more users you license, the more discount you get!

Know more visiting our Pricing & Plans.

Can GFoundry integrate with other platforms?

Of course it can! We can integrate at various levels and layers, with various technologies, using our APIs. Learn more here.

Does your business model involve the association of an integrating partner?

Yes. Are our partners essential to support the client in strategy, implementation, content production and follow-up? GFoundry license fees already include a percentage that will be used for partner services. Find out more here.

Can I pay for GFoundry licensing on a monthly basis?

It depends.

On the BASE plan, the self-service plan, yes.

On the PLUS and PREMIUM plans, licensing is on a 12-month cycle.

Know more visiting our Pricing & Plans.

Does GFoundry support single sign on?

Of course. SAML, Active Directory, LDAP, Google, Linkedin. Alongside single sign-on, we can include the possibility of normal registration using email or employee number.

If I have other questions that are not answered here can I contact you?

Of course! You can send us an email to [email protected]. We will be happy to help you 🙂

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