Recognition & Feedback

Employee recognition and feedback isn’t just a nice-to-have. It also supports your organization’s bottom line.

Employee Recognition through Gamification

The recognition module enables peer-to-peer recognition and positive feedback to improve Engagement, powered by GFoundry’s gamification engine.
With the GFoundry recognition module, you can endorse someone in your company in three possible ways:
  1. Public acknowledgment & Feedback: give a public recognition to a colleague associating a star badge with a review;
  2. Soft Skills Recognition: endorse my colleagues soft & emotional skills (these skill are made available according to client´s needs through the backend);
  3. Hard Skills Recognition: endorse my colleagues hard skills (each user will create their own hard skills).

Recognition and Productivity: Making Work Meaningful

Although rewarding good work seems like an obvious way to encourage more good work, how much does recognition truly influence productivity?
Gallup estimates* that if the median organization doubled the number of employees who strongly agree that they have received recognition or praise for doing good work in the last seven days, they would likely see a corresponding nine percent increase in productivity.
* Source.

Recognition and Absenteeism

Gallup and Workhuman* estimate that, by doubling the number of employees who have received recognition or praise for doing good work in the past week, absenteeism can be reduced to less than four days per employee annually — a 22% decrease. This translates to multi-million-dollar savings for some organizations.
For example, an organization with 10,000 employees would realize $3,244,4163 in savings due to fewer unplanned work absences.
* Source.

Implement a strong feedback culture

GFoundry is a solution that holistically impacts the entire Talent Management cycle. With the Feedback Module, it is possible not only to manage peer feedback processes, informally and in various scopes, but also to manage feedback processes between employees and managers, in both directions.
In order to create a true feedback culture, it is possible to have the module constantly available, so that any employee can share or ask for feedback whenever they wish.

Gamify all your recognition & feedback strategy

Using GFoundry Gamification Engine, you can create game and reward dynamics through multiple user actions and achievements. You can make your company’s recognition & feedback processes much more interactive and interesting for the employees, directly impacting their results and, consequently, those of your organisation.

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