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Elevate Customer Engagement with Gamification Loyalty Programs

Our Gamification Loyalty Programs are not just about collecting points; they are about creating unforgettable experiences that boost customer loyalty and drive business growth.

Coupons & Vouchers

Boost your loyalty programs with easy-to-use coupons. Our software helps you make and share special coupon offers everywhere your customers are.


Targeted Deals Just for Your Customers

With just a few clicks, you can send out personalized coupons based on what your customers like and how they shop. Decide who gets to use your coupons and where, making every offer special.

Easy Coupon Use

Customers can use coupons easily, either from a rewards list or in stores. Our flexible options mean you can fit every marketing plan, making customers happy and connected to your brand.


Unlock endless possibilities with our rewards software. Easily set up and run reward campaigns, offering everything from physical items to digital perks like coupons and vouchers, all through a leading rewards program tool.


Customize Your Rewards

Kickstart a points-based rewards program with a catalog tailored just for your customers. Whether you’re adding unique rewards by hand or choosing from external partners, you have complete freedom.
Set up your rewards system with clear rules—like how many points rewards cost, when they expire, and how customers can get them. You can even adjust the catalog based on customer levels, giving special rewards right away or once a goal is reached.


The Marketplace module acts as a centralized hub where customers can effortlessly browse and redeem their rewards. This convenience enhances the user experience, encouraging more frequent interactions with your loyalty program.


Enhanced Customer Engagement

By offering a variety of rewards through the Marketplace, you encourage customers to engage more deeply with your brand. Each visit to the marketplace increases the chance of further interactions, deepening their commitment and loyalty to your brand.

Real-Time Gratification

The instant nature of digital marketplace transactions means customers can enjoy their rewards immediately, providing a sense of instant gratification that strengthens their positive association with your brand.

Points & Badges

Create points-based customer loyalty programs with various earning rules.
Build customer loyalty by rewarding customers for their purchases, behavior, or specific interactions.

Gamification badges

Reward customers with loyalty badges and use gamification to drive business results.
Use various triggers, such as transactions, referrals, achievements, or customer behavior, to award loyalty badges and unlock customer benefits. Prominently display earned badges to create a sense of competition among your customers.

Receipts scanning

Elevate customer interaction with GFoundry’s AI-driven receipts and codes scanning feature. Launch compelling scan-and-earn campaigns that reward customers for purchases, fostering loyalty with every scan.


Key Features:

AI-Powered Scanning: Utilize cutting-edge AI to recognize and process product codes and receipt information accurately.
Easy Access and Convenience: Customers can easily scan codes or receipts anytime, anywhere, enhancing their experience and engagement with your brand.
Seamless Integration: Avoid the complexities of POS integration. Our solution works independently, providing a streamlined approach to reward accumulation.
Enhanced Customer Engagement: Drive participation in your loyalty program with scan-and-earn campaigns.

Achievements & Goals

Design campaigns that turn every interaction into an opportunity for recognition and reward, driving deeper engagement and loyalty.


Customized Engagement Paths

With GFoundry’s versatile gamification engine, tailor achievements to perfectly align with your strategic objectives. Whether you aim to increase purchase frequency, enhance customer lifetime value, or another goal, our platform empowers you to create impactful, behavior-driven campaigns.

Dynamic Challenges for Every Customer

Leverage the power of data to set up challenges that resonate. Utilize insights from transactional data, customer behavior, and engagement patterns to craft personalized milestones. From straightforward tasks to complex achievements with layered criteria, GFoundry facilitates a nuanced approach to customer engagement.


Create versatile referral programs effortlessly with our advanced referral tool.
Transform your customers into passionate advocates and grow a community that scales with you.
Boost your referral strategy with engaging gamification.
Referrals are an efficient way to gain new customers affordably. Adding gamification enhances this by rewarding customers’ actions in enjoyable ways.
Our achievements system merges referral benefits with the excitement of gamification, allowing for expansive campaign growth. Celebrate your customers’ advocacy with rewards and enjoyable experiences.

Learn & Education

Interactive Learning Journeys

Craft customized learning paths that guide your customers through educational content, product tutorials, and brand stories. Each step completed brings them closer to rewards, making learning an integral part of the loyalty experience.

Quizzes and Challenges

Test knowledge and reinforce learning with fun quizzes and challenges. These activities not only make learning enjoyable but also provide instant feedback, encouraging continuous engagement and exploration.


Deliver bite-sized, easily digestible content that fits seamlessly into your customers’ busy lives. Whether it’s a quick tip, a short video, or an interactive infographic, microlearning makes it easy for customers to engage, learn, and earn rewards on the go.

Learn training module gfoundry

Why Choose GFoundry’s Loyalty Programs?

Boost Engagement: Transform your customers’ journey with dynamic challenges, progress tracking, and instant rewards. Watch engagement soar as customers eagerly participate in activities designed to delight and reward.

Enhance Customer Retention: Keep your customers coming back for more. Our gamified loyalty programs are designed to create positive brand experiences, fostering a deeper emotional connection and loyalty to your brand.

Drive Desired Behaviors: Influence customer actions with targeted challenges and rewards. Whether it’s increasing purchase frequency, promoting new products, or encouraging referrals, our platform aligns incentives with your business goals.

Gain Valuable Insights: Leverage the power of data analytics to understand your customers better. Our platform provides rich insights into customer preferences and behaviors, enabling you to tailor your marketing strategies for maximum impact.

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