5 Steps to create an impactful Learning Journey for your employees

A base de qualquer Jornada de Aprendizagem para um colaborador é ter acesso a conhecimento que complemente e enriqueça tudo aquilo que já sabe.

Nowadays, even more important than having a well-structured training plan, the big challenge is to manage to turn it into an impactful and interesting experience for employees. Not only the way the content is planned, but also the way it is communicated to people has an impact on their level of interest with the learning moment, fundamental to ensure there is a higher retention rate of knowledge.

Based on this topic, at GFoundry we have put together 5 of the most important steps to create an impactful Learning Journey:

1. Strong and valuable content

The foundation of any Learning Journey for an employee is having access to knowledge that complements and enriches everything they already know. If this is not the case, the employee will quickly lose interest with the content they have available, not retaining any added value.

In addition to powerful content, this must also be adapted to each person. One of the bases of Performance Evaluation in a company is the ability to understand not only the competencies of the organisation and its teams, but also to understand what knowledge weaknesses may exist. Therefore, it is important to evaluate the training needs of each employee, each team or even the organisation as a whole. 

It is therefore essential that these journeys are personalised to the needs of each individual, ensuring that all weaknesses are covered appropriately.

At GFoundry, besides being able to customize the Learning Journey of the employees, you can also have access to curated content made available by us in several areas, from Health and Wellness, through essential Soft Skills such as Time Management and Resilience, as well as content of General Culture. These contents are made available free of charge to all our clients and can be made available to their teams at any time.

2. Integrating content from different sources

Over the years, the training content is no longer centralized in a physical space, such as a training room, but spread across multiple locations on the internet, accessible in different ways.

One of the biggest challenges in managing people and, more specifically, in managing your training is the agility to aggregate content from various sources that are important for your teams.

Since content is scattered across multiple platforms, it can be confusing for anyone to have to navigate through multiple links until they get to the end of a Training plan. 

In addition to all the content that you can add directly on the platform, with GFoundry you can create Learning Journeys that include not only these added contents, but also external sources such as Google Academy, Coursera, Udemy, Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare, Sharepoint among many others. GFoundry can act as a top layer that encompasses everything that is part of each employee’s Journey, making their experience much more fluid and simple to fulfill.

3. Monitor and Certify!

A very important part of creating a Learning Journey is to understand how effective it is in transmitting knowledge. Therefore, it is essential to be able to define metrics to better understand what has been the performance of employees in the training, how many hours they spent and even what has been their feedback regarding the contents. 

Moreover, at the end of a Learning Journey, it is crucial to be able to certify all the people that have successfully completed all their training, representing an official recognition of their knowledge acquisition and their effort during the process.

With the GFoundry platform, all this is possible in a simple and dynamic way. Firstly, you can monitor crucial information about people’s training through reports available both in dashboards and xlsx files. 

In addition, you can also certify all employees who complete your Learning Journeys, adding relevant information to these certificates, such as their name, the date on which the training ended, the hours used and even their final score. These certificates are available in each employee’s profile and they can be shared on their LinkedIn profile.

4. Communication Plan

For any area of an organisation, internal communication is one of the key pillars to get a specific message across to people effectively. Therefore, with regard to Training Plans, it is also important to be able to communicate succinctly and clearly to everyone that it is important to use the tools available to improve their skills and knowledge.

GFoundry is a fundamental piece for the internal communication of any organisation. Firstly, the fact that it is a digital solution allows all employees to have access to a mobile application where they can be in direct contact with your company. This direct contact is not only related to their work goals and linked to their functions, but also has other very important aspects.

On the platform’s homepage, employees have access to a news area, where the company can share important messages, but they can also use push notifications to pass a shorter and more direct message to everyone or to a specific group of people.

5. Have a good platform!

With technological evolution, and the inevitable digitalisation of Human Resources, employees should have access to tools that allow them to access your company’s content in a simple, agile and impactful way for their performance. 

For this reason, GFoundry is an ideal partner to implement a project to create Learning Journeys for your employees, whether they are seniors or people who have just joined the organisation.

GFoundry works as a multi-platform solution (Web, Android and iOS), which supports all the actions directly related to Talent Management in an organisation, from attracting and recruiting people, through their integration and development to their departure, providing a rich experience in impactful moments for their performance.

Finally, through a Gamification Engine, which allows you to create game and reward dynamics through multiple user actions and achievements, you can make these paths much more interactive and interesting for any employee, directly impacting their results and, consequently, those of your organisation.

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What makes GFoundry different from other traditional e-Learning tools?

Above all, what distinguishes GFoundry from other e-Learning tools is the final experience achieved with the dynamics that can be created with the different micro-learning formats and with the use of Gamification dynamics, which introduce much higher interactivity that leads – in the majority of cases – to much higher results in an organisation.

Moreover, we believe that a learning journey does not have to consist only of training moments, with presentation of contents in different formats, but also be enriched with feedback stages, interaction between peers, moments of knowledge assessment, definition of individual development plans, among others.

What kind of content can I insert in GFoundry?

The GFoundry platform allows the insertion of quizzes in 4 different game modes – including the battle mode, in which the users play against each other – PDF documents and videos.

The GFoundry platform also allows the integration and incorporation of content from other platforms or even a more integrated management of actions from other LMS. Click here to learn more.

Who can create training content?

Training content can be easily created by the client using their backoffice, or created with the help of the Partner associated with the project, being responsible for content creation and all the management of strategic consulting dynamics, monitoring, among other tasks. Click here to learn more about our Partners.

Is there any content already made, ready to use?

Yes, the client has access – 100% free of charge – to a series of contents curated by GFoundry, in various areas of knowledge, such as: Communication, Time Management, Empathy, Feedback, Design Thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Management, Collaboration, Marketing and Sales, Health and Well-being, Resilience, Productivity, Data Protection – among many other examples. Read more here: GFoundry Curated Content applied to Learning and Development

How much does it cost to produce content for GFoundry?

The cost will depend on the complexity and volume of content to be created, but on average, the costs involved are much lower than the ones for a traditional e-Learning platform.

Can Individual Development Plans (IDPs) be managed with this solution?

Of course. Identifying learning needs (collective and individual) and managing them is a fundamental process in the development of people in an organisation. Normally this information is obtained at moments of assessment and feedback and is then managed in a 

Who can help us think about and implement such a system?

Consulting services and implementation of a GFoundry project are included in any project and are fundamental for its success.

The maturity and experience that GFoundry has achieved throughout its existence means that we position ourselves in the market with an indirect business model, always associated with a Partner in the construction of the solutions we present.

GFoundry realized that it cannot be alone when it comes to strategy, assessment, consulting, gamification design and monitoring of our customers.

For this reason, we always associate a Partner to each project we start with a client, chosen for their expertise in the area to be developed, with a package of hours already included in the annual licence fee. Click here to know more about our Partners.

Different modules that create integrated solutions

Each platform module can be linked independently, but all communicate with each other to allow an integrated strategy and the creation of different solutions!

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