GFoundry’s Competency Mapping Engine powered by AI

Map your whole organisation

The ability to map the whole organisation from a competency point of view is crucial for any project linked to Talent Management.

This process, when applied at the organisational level, allows for a comprehensive perspective on the skills that the organisation already has, but also allows for the identification of gaps in key competences that may condition the smooth running of the business.

On the other hand, mapping at functional and individual level makes it possible to identify the skills and competences in each function group, helping to understand the suitability of each employee for their current function, or to create Individual Development Plans.

GFoundry’s Competency Mapping Engine

GFoundry’s Competency Mapping Engine makes an automatic association of competences and skills to employees, based:

  • On the interactions in the Learn Module (courses you have completed, videos you have watched, quizzes you have completed, documents you have consulted);
  • On the feedback from your peers in the Recognition Module;
  • On the assessments of competences in the Evaluation & Careers Module.

The immediate perception of competence gaps is possible through interactive dashboards that are automatically updated.

Main features:

  • Ability to identify skill gaps;
  • Search filters for tag-based training content;
  • Understand and improve the person’s suitability in relation to the current role;
  • Creation of automatic quizzes only with questions associated to certain skills & topics;
  • Identify and find talent through filters applied to all employees for current and future project needs;
  • Integration with the Evaluation module’s Individual Development Plans (IDPs) system, with automatic content association according to individual improvement and development needs.

How we use AI in our platform

Automatic association of skill tags to content.

One of the AI applications in GFoundry platform is the ability to associate each training content skill tag automatically.

Our customers can always manually associate and edit this information, but the ability to massively associate skills tags do learn content saves a lot of work time!

Suggested competencies and skills to develop – adaptive learning

The suggested competencies and skills to develop can be customized for each employee, taking into account their individual needs and goals.

Automatic content creation

GFoundry can automatically create content on any topic, skill or competence, in Quiz format.

These quizzes can be suggested to users under different circumstances and for different purposes.


A future-proofing approach

Competency Mapping

Identify skills gaps at organisational and individual level and build maps to evolve and fill them.

Internal Mobility

Discover your employees’ skills and expectations and suggest relevant internal opportunities.

Internal market for talent

Find the most relevant profiles based on skills, knowledge, and experience to build an internal talent pool.

Career Development & Learning

Improve and promote the development of your employees in strategic areas and skills for their function and help them prepare for their future.

Customised content

Fill gaps in your employees’ competences by suggesting them custom quizzes with questions associated with certain skills only.

AI Technology

GFoundry uses machine learning-based models to provide employees with individual and automatic suggestions for content and skills to develop.

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