GFoundry + Partners

Together in building solutions to maximize the value of your investment

The maturity and experience that GFoundry has achieved throughout its existence means that we position ourselves in the market with an indirect business model, always joining forces with a partner to build the solutions we present.

GFoundry realized that it cannot be alone when it comes to strategy, assessment, consulting, gamification design and monitoring of our customers. For this we always invite a partner from the network we are building, chosen for their expertise in each specific project.

We are currently expanding our International Partner’s Network.

Our partners’ services

Turnkey solution according to your needs

At GFoundry, we use a solution-as-a-service (SolaaS) approach, combining our platform with customised management services to best meet your needs. This approach frees up your internal teams to focus on tasks essential to your business continuity.

Typical steps in building our solutions:
  1. Define & Design
  2. Build & Launch
  3. Run & Optimize
  4. Manage & Grow
Some of the services provided:
  1. Strategic consulting
  2. Project management
  3. Creative design
  4. Gamification Design
  5. Content production
  6. Data science services
  7. Training and Technical Support
  8. Follow-up and Success Management
  9. Digital Marketing and Analytics Services

Your Benefits
  • Delivery excellence
  • Speed up release time
  • Single point of contact
  • Proven domain expertise
  • Highly flexible resourcing
  • Empowerment of your internal teams
  • Maximize solution quality and minimize overall cost
  • Grants you the benefits of a capable team who help you best leverage the GFoundry software power

GFoundry partners are part of building “solutions” and “experiences” that go far beyond technology, and bring out the benefits of an innovative digital platform like GFoundry.

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