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Harness the full benefits of GFoundry solutions without worry about the nitty-gritty. At GFoundry we offer two different approaches: Solution-as-a-Service  (SolaaS) and Services On-Demand.

Choose the delivery model which is a strategic fit for your business.

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Turnkey Solution for Your Needs

At GFoundry we use a Solution-as-a-Service approach (SolaaS), combining software with custom managed services to best serve your business goals. This approach liberates your in-house teams to focus on high-value tasks for your business.

Your Benefits
  • Single point of contact
  • Speed up release time
  • Maximize solution quality and minimize overall cost
  • Grants you the benefits of a capable team who help you best leverage the GFoundry software power

Define & Design

We define the proper engagement strategy by assessing your needs, identifying behaviors to be changed, setting goals and performance metrics, determining users involved.

We design your solution by setting the rules, levels, challenges, and dynamics and creating quizzes and missions to train your team in the expected behaviors.

We conceive the storytelling and produce all graphic design including player journey, quizzes, badges, tribes, virtual coins, according to your branding.

Build & Release

We parametrize GFoundry platform according with design.

We integrate GFoundry platform with your existing systems and perform the tests.

We assist you in the definition of the communication plan to create a buzz, get players excited, and generate energy from outside teams.

We will turn-on tracking and expose leaderboards.

Run & Optimize

We keep the momentum going, celebrating top performers, watching for loopholes, introducing challenges, sending push notifications, among others.

We perform day-to-day tasks to ensure the smooth solution operation.

Manage & Grow

We check behaviors by monitoring the results of KPIs and benchmarking current vs. past performance.

We gathered and analyze usage data and present it to you.

We will help you expand the scope by finding new ways for players earn points, adding other players, increasing participation, or offering new badges and awards.

On-Demand Services

Get Access to Talented People

If you want to take the ownership of the entire project, we support your internal teams. We focus on your requirements and appoint experts to assist in the different lifecycle stages. Since all our services align with the lifecycle stages, we offer the right support, at the right time, focused on the right goals.

Your Benefits
  • Proven domain expertise
  • Highly flexible resourcing
  • Delivery excellence
  • Empowerment of your internal teams.

Strategy & Project Management

Depending on a project’s stage, our consulting services serves different purposes.

During the understand stage, are used to get insights – understand your needs, identify behaviors to be changed, determine users involved, establish goals and performance metrics to achieve – to define the strategic vision that will guide the work during design and implementation stages.

During planning, are used to produce the project plan that will define milestones, activities,  dependencies, and resources.

During design, are used to revise solution design produced by your teams and suggest improvements.

During the implementation, it is around monitoring progress and providing rapid feedback to aid decision making.

The project closure occurs with the solution launching, it is time to evaluate the impact of the project.

We follow standardized project management approaches and skills to mitigate risks and provide operational excellence.

Creative Design

A good graphic design makes a huge difference in the success of a solution with gamification. Our creative team can produce all graphic design including player journey, quizzes, badges, tribes, virtual coins, according to your branding.

Training & Technical Support

Our training services serve different purposes depending on your needs.

We provide awareness training sessions where we explain the gamification concept and how it works in businesses environment.

We provide technical training around configuration, parametrization, and administration of GFoundry platforms to habilitate your teams with the skills and capabilities necessary to deploy and run your solutions.

As a complement to the technical training, we provide a professional support service in which our specialists will clarify all doubts placed by your teams and will offer them the ongoing support on incidents and problems resolution.

Customer Success Management

Your success is our success. Our experts will monitor the usage and satisfaction, identify opportunities and challenges from the way your users engage with the solution, take action to help resolve problems and foster usage expansion as well as the value from the solution over time.

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