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What is the importance of internal communication and how does it impact the organizational culture

Internal communication plays a critical role in shaping an organization’s culture by fostering collaboration, trust, and shared values among employees. It helps to keep everyone informed and aligned on company goals, strategies, and policies, as well as providing opportunities for open dialogue and feedback.

At GFoundry, we believe that this should be one of the first processes to implement.

Best Practices For Your Internal Communications Strategy.

A successful internal communication strategy requires clear objectives, a deep understanding of your audience, a mix of communication channels, two-way communication, regular updates, collaboration, and a commitment to continuous improvement:

Set Clear Objectives: Determine what you want to achieve with your internal communication strategy. This could be anything from improving employee engagement to streamlining operations. Clear objectives help guide the planning process.

Understand Your Audience: Get to know your employees. Understand their needs, their preferred communication channels, and how they interact with each other and the organization. This will help you tailor your communication strategy to be most effective.

Choose the Right Communication Channels: Not all communication channels are created equal. Some messages might be best sent via email, others might require face-to-face meetings, and still others might be most effective on an internal communication platform. Choose the best medium for each message.

Ensure Two-Way Communication: Effective communication is not just about disseminating information, but also about listening. Encourage feedback and open dialogue to foster a culture of transparency and inclusiveness.

Provide Regular Updates: Regular updates keep employees informed and engaged. Whether it’s about business performance, changes in the organization, or simply industry news, regular updates can contribute to a feeling of belonging and purpose.

Promote Collaboration: Encourage teamwork and collaboration within your organization. A good internal communication strategy can help break down silos and facilitate knowledge sharing across teams.

Measure and Adjust: Just like any other business strategy, your internal communication strategy should be measurable. Monitor the effectiveness of your communication efforts and be ready to adjust your strategy based on the feedback and results you’re getting.

News, Articles and Events

You can create news and manage events with the GFoundry platform. All this content can be segmented and commented by the community.

The dissemination of up-to-date news and events in a company’s internal communication is crucial for keeping employees informed, promoting transparency, increasing motivation, and improving collaboration.


On the GFoundry platform users can add themselves to tribes, grouping themselves by interests, geographies, different countries, informal social groups, or others.

In the rankings, the platform shows individual, tribes and team rankings.

Allowing employees to organize themselves into tribes and interest groups is important for fostering creativity and innovation, improving the organizational climate, increasing motivation, and promoting diversity and inclusion.

Push Notifications

Push notifications on the GFoundry platform can be sent manually, but most of the time they are sent automatically by the platform.

Main advantages:

Increases the efficiency of communication
Push notifications allow important information to be transmitted quickly to employees, which can increase efficiency and team productivity.

Keeps employees informed
Push notifications can be used to send alert messages or important updates, improve communication and coordination between teams, and help keep them motivated and engaged.

Help Wizards

Help wizards can play a crucial role in the adoption of any HR process using GFoundry platform, as they provide users with step-by-step guidance and instructions on how to use the tools and to align goals and purpose.

This feature also reduce the amount of time and resources required for employees training and support. GFoundry help wizards can provide context-sensitive assistance, which can be especially helpful for complex processes, and can be always updated, ensuring that users always have access to the latest information.

Personal employee profiles

All users of the GFoundry platform have an individual profile where they can write more about their A (professional) and B (personal) side.

Allowing employees to socialize and show their personal side can help create a positive and productive work environment, which can ultimately benefit the organization. Can also can help employees build stronger relationships, leading to better teamwork and communication.

Communities & Employee resource groups

Employee resource groups (ERGs) are groups of employees who come together around common interests or a shared identity.

These groups can provide a safe space for employees to share experiences, discuss issues, and provide support for each other.

GFoundry allows companies to create and manage their own communities and ERGs, with features such as customizable profile pages, forums and discussion communities, and event management tools.

Software integrations

The GFoundry platform can integrate and synchronize with other platforms your company already uses.

The integration of the GFoundry platform with other software your company already uses allows different teams to collaborate more efficiently, sharing relevant information more easily and agilely.

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