About GFoundry

The Collaboration and Communication Engagement platform with Gamification

GFoundry was founded in 2014 and has developed a SaaS B2B product, offering the best gamification multi-platform software to engage and motivate your employees.

Our company aims to be a solution for large scale to enable enterprises to strengthen relations and ensure the “engagement” of their partners and customers and to ensure the motivation and productivity of its employees in a simple, innovative and effective way.

We create solutions that accompanies the digital transformation strategy of the economy focusing our approach on 4 main pillars: Gamification, Social, Cloud and Mobility.

The flexibility of our product with a wide range of modules, will allow our clients to solve many business & HR challenges.

GFoundry’s solution motivates people to take action every day, combining:

  • the “fun” of Gamification
  • the “influence” of Social
  • the “availability” of Mobile
  • and the “insights” of Analytics

to create a simple, intuitive, meaningful and rewarding experience for employees and customers.


To be a dominant player in Digital Engagement, offering an amazing user experience that generates real engagement.


We aim to help companies communicate in the best and most innovative way using the best in mobile, gamification and social technology. We intend to change “have to do” behaviors into “want to do” behaviors, improving employee performance and engagement in a meaningful – and measurable – way.

What differentiates us from our competitors?

We differentiate ourselves through our holistic approach to employee talent management.

We create a layer of impactful and gamified employee-centric experiences, even in companies that already have other HR software. Want to know more? Book a demo now!

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