Pierre Fabre – gamification for marketing and training purposes!

How Pierre Febre increased brand awareness using the GFoundry platform and Catch strategic consulting services.

The results obtained, in the first cycle of 12 months, quantified by the game’s own statistics, demonstrated the reach of high levels of engagement.

New technologies streamline communication with all stakeholders, in particular with customers and employees, but they cannot by themselves overcome the biggest corporate challenge: ensuring effective and efficient communication. In other words, capturing and retaining the attention of your public, increasing the degree of understanding of key information that leads them to make decisions that exceed the company’s objectives.

The digital transformation of companies lies, therefore, in the magic of mobilizing and awakening their valuable target human potential in the pursuit of their corporate purpose.

It implies an innovative and active management, with a robust communication strategy focused on human capital and inducing engagement, since pure cutting-edge technology is only an important tool to facilitate success.

The construction of engagement solutions in GAMIFICATION architectures and aligned with the business strategy of the companies/organizations, contribute to their digital transformation, offering a disruptive, personalized, integrative and mobilizing management and communication of all their human resources.

Stimulating the acquisition of knowledge, interaction between employees and their recognition by peers and the entire network of managers, allowing talents to be identified, problems to be solved, change to be driven and performance to be improved for all those involved and for any type of organization.

In simplified terms, these solutions accelerate the apprehension of more and better knowledge, practices and behaviors.

The implementation of this type of actions is based on the development of challenging game strategies that stimulate participants to embrace missions and achieve goals, via the adoption of algorithms to measure and promote players’ performance. To this end, rankings, feedback and permanent reward models are used, allowing companies to motivate their internal or external publics to achieve the set goals.

It was with this purpose that Pierre Fabre selected the strategic communication consultancy CATCH GLOBAL MARKETING, which with its technological partner GFOUNDRY, developed a mobilized engagement strategy, in a GAMIFICATION structure, addressed to pharmacies and their employees.

“The results obtained, in the first 12-month cycle, quantified by the game’s own statistics, demonstrated the achievement of high levels of engagement – more than 47,000 visits , 2,500 active users and more than 3,000 total hours of play, with more than 80% completing all levels of play after each launch, translating into an overall performance of around 87%.”

The objective was to reinforce the knowledge of these publics about all Pierre Fabre product lines, in a multi-brand context. In addition, it aimed to bring the sales force closer, boost cross-selling and challenge the global commercial performance, particularly in the seasonal product ranges.

For that purpose, an integrated communication strategy was designed and an umbrella storytelling was built to leverage and interconnect all the game dynamics launched throughout the year, in order to increase brand awareness and the spontaneous notoriety of the brand Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique Portugal .

The results obtained, in the first cycle of 12 months, quantified by the game’s own statistics, demonstrated the reach of high levels of engagement – more than 47.000 visits, 2500 active users and more than 3.000 total hours of gameplay, with more than 80% concluding all levels of the game after each launch, translating into a global performance of around 87%.

Mariana Caraça, Human Resources Manager of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique Portugal said:

“Gamification seemed to us the right way to modernise training with our customers, as it is more focused on the need of the end consumer. We wanted to develop a dual platform, with the traditional website, where we would have the more extensive content for those looking for in-depth training, but at the same time explore quick advice and key messages to retain our products more easily in the face of growing competition. This project took off in 2017 with Klorane and in 2018, to increase the dynamic, we decided to bring together the entire portfolio of Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique brands (Avène, Ducray, A-Derma, Galénic and Rene Furterer), with the clear objective of increasing the number of new contents while maintaining interest and avoiding the app being deleted, as is the case with most non-user-oriented apps.”

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