Goal Management based on the OKR methodology

An agile and collaborative Goals Management Tool

People perform better when they are committed to challenging goals – it’s human nature. But do employees know what the company and its managers expect from them?

Many employees do not know what is expected from their work.

When managers help employees to define their work priorities and their goals, they facilitate the path to achieving the objectives, allowing employees to take initiatives and work autonomously.

It is out of this need, by refocusing organisations on their strategic priorities, that the OKR methodology – Objectives and Key Results – aligns all stakeholders by breaking them down into clear and unambiguous objectives for teams and their members, monitored by metrics, these referred to as “key results”.

The OKR methodology based on the GFoundry platform

GFoundry, using the Goals module, is the ideal tool to support the implementation of OKRs as it responds to their key attributes as follows:

✔ Simplicity: because it is a mobile first solution, its interface mandates simple and straightforward descriptions;

✔ Transparency: it allows public goals to be set and their progress to be shared with the organisation in real time;

✔ Agile and Dynamic: super versatile in updating and sharing results, they can be self-declared, manually entered by the manager or automatically from a data source;

✔ Alignment: awareness by providing libraries with content in various formats and the news feed with key information;

✔ Feedback and Recognition: regular monitoring and support with access to reward plans through gamification techniques.

Learn how to implement OKR methodology with GFoundry

OKRs – Objective Key Results: What they are, what’s their purpose and how they can be useful when applied in an agile way.

Different modules that create integrated solutions

Each platform module can be linked independently, but all communicate with each other to allow an integrated strategy and the creation of different solutions!