AppyBrain: an innovative tool to enhance the learning experience

Enhancing Learning Experience with Innovative Tools. A digital gamified pedagogical tool based on GFoundry technology.

A digital gamified pedagogical tool based on GFoundry technology

Technology has been an important ally to face the challenges of Education in Portugal and worldwide.

The integration of smartphones, tablets and computers in the educational process can significantly improve the quality of student learning, making them more motivated, autonomous and committed to their own knowledge.

In this context, AppyBrain emerges as a gamified digital pedagogical tool, proposing to be this pedagogical instrument with double impact: supporting the study and supporting the teaching role, making the educational process more enriching, personalized and creative, providing skills for the future challenges of an increasingly digital and technological society.

Available for iPhone and Android, in addition to a web version, AppyBrain aims to develop transversal skills in various areas of knowledge, such as cognitive development, problem solving, logical thinking, concentration, autonomous learning and teamwork.

Because it is gamified, with built-in game elements, AppyBrain tends to generate more motivation in students and, consequently, greater involvement in learning processes.

The solution offers numerous dynamic and interactive resources, including quizzes that integrate the essential learning defined by the Ministry of Education, with access to videos and online content to support problem solving.

The tool can be used individually or in a school context, where teachers can monitor the academic performance of their students, having access to their progress in a simple and intuitive manner. Know more about GFoundry’s eLearning & Development solutions here.

Inter-class tournaments and a research project

The challenges presented are appropriate and take into account the students’ level of knowledge, adjusting the quizzes to their difficulties and potential, as indicated by the teachers themselves.

The tool also offers inter-class tournaments to foster group spirit and promote the value of teamwork. With this, not only individual success is sought, but also the success of each class as a group. Each student will be able to test their knowledge and compare their performance with other users, viewing tables and rankings, and their performance and effort will be valued through medals.

The challenges are divided by syllabus, and the rigor and relevance of their content is one of the main differentiating factors of the tool. The company responsible for this project is developing research together with the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the University of Porto to assess the impact of the tool on academic performance, motivation and study autonomy of students.

The results of this research will allow us to improve the tool and make it even more effective for the teaching-learning process. AppyBrain is a pedagogical tool that values inclusion, seeking to meet the special needs of each student.

The company listens to and integrates suggestions from teachers and students to make it increasingly appealing and useful. It contributes to educational practices that promote a more effective, inclusive, equitable, and democratic educational system.

Who can join and use this solution?

At this moment the use of Appybrain is reserved to adherent schools.

For more information you can contact the project coordinators through the email [email protected].

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