Competitions using your own data

Gamify your business. Start your game!

With the Competitions Module and our API, you can gamify any data available in any of your CRM, RP business platforms and create competitions with your data and metrics.

If you wish, and without the need for any technical implementation, you can use simple .XLS files and enter the data you want autonomously.

Creating a healthy competitive environment that includes daily feedback and recognition is a powerful catalyst for employee wellbeing in itself.

The example of DPD Portugal is a great case study on how gamification allowed the company to skyrocket their KPIs, using competitions dynamics involving their drivers.

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Encourage, empower and increase the performance of your sales teams!

Use the data in your commercial management software and challenge your sales teams to enter and keep their data updated in your activity tracking system and automatically reward them for recording some of their activities:

  • Closing deals, qualifying opportunities, reaching a sales target
  • Assign challenges based on group, role, geography
  • Create competitions and recognize the best
  • Gain insight into what motivates your sales team with detailed reports and analytics

Different modules that create integrated solutions

Each platform module can be linked independently, but all communicate with each other to allow an integrated strategy and the creation of different solutions!