Talent Management from A to Z

The complete engagement cycle!
Unleash the Power of Digital Engagement with Gamification! Create an efficient talent management system, from A to Z, with our Premium Plan, implementing all our modules in the various stages of your employees’ talent cycle;
  • Encourage self-development;
  • Promote continuous feedback.
  • Boost Internal Communication
  • Cultivate your company culture and keep valuable employees, prevent them from leaving!
  • Give your community a voice, promote everyone’s participation and create self-help dynamics;
  • Enrich experiences and capture relevant data to generate knowledge to support business and HR decisions;
  • Turn your attraction, recruitment and onboarding process into a gaming experience by rewarding completion of each step of the entire process. This will also increase the efficiency of your onboarding process;

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GFoundry helps you map your company's internal talent!

We use some features to help you know some metrics in your company that can provide you with valuable knowledge and help you anticipate some important decision making:

  • Development of training programmes in micro-learning format;
  • Goal management using OKR methodology;
  • Performance evaluation;
  • Management of internal recognition and feedback programmes;
  • Management and Evaluation of potential (9-box matrix);
  • Management of succession plans;
  • Internal mobility management;
  • Management of IDP’s (individual development plans);
  • Individual archetypes (based on performance information);
  • Periodic touchpoint System for quantitative evaluation and feedback;
  • Career management, advanced dashboards with multiple filters.

Different modules that create integrated solutions

Each platform module can be linked independently, but all communicate with each other to allow an integrated strategy and the creation of different solutions!