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How do you promote great employee experience?

Creating the best experience for your employees is rapidly being considered one of the main areas in need of change within corporations as it has huge impact on the customer experience. Which tools leverage great engagement (employee experience) and from this derail the best customer experience?

“The majority of organisations are still in the dark on the linkage between improved employee experience and the impact it has on productivity and customer experience. Most organisations are still using traditional and primitive analytics to evaluate employee experience. This will change and it will change rapidly.

Companies have long obsessed about customer experience. Rightly so too as the leading companies in their respective fields, tend to also be the ones that enjoy the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

A similar focus is now belatedly being applied to employee experience. This is in part due to increasing recognition of the impact it has on engagement and productivity, but also because of a number of other factors.

These include:

  • Attracting and retaining talent: The need for organisations to differentiate in order to attract and retain the best talent as competition and scarcity intensify,
  • Changing Employee mindset – Employees (not just millennials as is so often lazily opined) adopting the consumer mindset of rating, sharing opinions and providing feedback, and;
  • Link between employee and customer experience – An increasing awareness that positive employee experience is a significant driver of great customer experience.”

David Green, HR Blog

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