Transforming Onboarding into an Unforgettable Experience

The onboarding process is more than just a procedural formality. We must convert this important moment into an unforgettable experience that helps to lay the foundation for a strong and long-lasting relationship between the new hire and the company.

Unforgettable Onboarding Experience Transformation

Onboarding is the first real taste a new hire gets of a company’s culture and work ethos – is pivotal to employee engagement and retention. A positive onboarding experience is instrumental in setting the tone for an employee’s journey with your organization. But how do we make this process memorable, engaging, and effective? The answer lies in GFoundry, a cutting-edge digital engagement platform.

Create impactful Onboarding Journeys for your employees

The process: Simple, Powerful and Fun! GFoundry has developed an exciting feature where you can use with several modules for your onboarding and engagement needs: Digital Journeys. One journey is a structured path with a strong visual frame that can have one or more steps to be completed. Each one of these steps can be created by applying any of GFoundry’s suite modules. Example of a newcomer onboarding path using GFoundry:

  1. Company tour video visualization, using the Learn Module
  2. Complete a who-is-who quiz, using the Learn Module
  3. Check a set of processes using Tasks Module
  4. Submission of the work contract using Surveys Module, making this process much more agile and straight forward
  5. Definition of professional goals for the short and long term using Goals Module
  6. Definition of the PDP (Personal Development Plan) discussed with the manager using Evaluation & Careers Module

All of these journeys paths can be managed through GFoundry backoffice and all the mission’s analytics can be assessed by a set of reports that can be issued for this purpose.

Making Onboarding Interactive and Engaging

Gamification for Fun and Learning

GFoundry’s gamification engine brings a layer of fun and engagement to the often tedious process of onboarding. Through gamified activities, new hires can familiarize themselves with the company’s values, goals, and procedures in an interactive and enjoyable way. The use of badges, virtual coins, and leaderboards makes learning about the company a rewarding and motivational experience. This positive first impression helps to foster a sense of excitement and loyalty from the onset. Learn more about GFoundry’s Gamification’s Engine here.

Micro-Learning for Easy Assimilation

GFoundry’s Learn module enables micro-learning, allowing new hires to consume information in bite-sized, manageable chunks. This not only aids better understanding and retention of information but also reduces the overwhelm that can often come with the flood of information during onboarding. Learn more about GFoundry’s Learning & Development solutions here.

Socializing and Communicating

The GFoundry platform encourages networking and interaction among employees with its social and communication features. New hires can use the chat system, participate in interest groups, and receive news updates, fostering a sense of belonging from the get-go. This, in turn, makes the onboarding experience more human and less transactional.

Feedback for Continuous Improvement

Feedback is integral to improving the onboarding process. GFoundry’s Feedback module allows new hires to share their thoughts and opinions about their onboarding experience. This continuous loop of feedback can help organizations to continuously refine and optimize the onboarding process to ensure that it remains a positive experience for all new employees. Learn more here.

Navigating with Player Journey Maps

GFoundry’s Player Journey Maps guide new employees through their onboarding process. This interactive guide can represent steps, needs, goals, and expectations, making onboarding more structured and user-friendly. Read more here. Don’t forget also to check this article from Gallup: How to Use Onboarding to Create Brand Champions


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