Employee Journey Maps: this is the only tool that you will need

With GFoundry Employee Journey Maps, you can create your own paths incorporating any available module of the platform. You can use it for onboarding!

What is an Employee Journey Map?

An employee Journey Map is a structured path with a strong visual frame that can have one or more milestones to be completed, creating a Journey map. In Gfoundry we call this Journeys “Missions”.

1. Milestones

Milestones are the steps that employees have to achieve in order to successfully complete a mission. Each step can be associated with a different image in which the position of the player is updated in the “path” to go.

2. Goals

Each step can have several Goals that have to be finalized for the step to be completed. With GFoundry missions, you can create your own paths incorporating any available module of the platform.

Create as many Journey Maps as you need!

All of these paths can be managed through GFoundry backoffice and all the mission’s analytics can be assessed by a set of reports that can be issued for this purpose.

You can create one Journey for all your timeline or create several Journey, one per week, for example.

Employee Journey Map example:

Example from a possible new employee onboarding journey map using GFoundry:

  1. Company tour video visualization using Learn Module;
  2. Complete a “who-is-who” in the organization quiz challenge using Learn module;
  3. Check a set of processes using Tasks Module;
  4. Enter a Zoom call, using a link available in the Tasks Module;
  5. Submission of the employment contract using Feedback & Surveys Module, making this process much more agile and straightforward;
  6. Definition of professional goals for the short and long term using Goals Module
  7. Definition of the PDP (Personal Development Plan) discussed with the manager using Evaluation and Careers Module

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Employee Journeys Maps with Gamification

Gamification adds game mechanics, and layers it to existing digital experiences.

By applying the same principles that inspire people to play games – achievements, status, and rewards (virtual coins, points and badges) – your employees will put learning at the top of their list.

With GFoundry Gamification Engine you can reward your community by setting triggers, setup badges and all the gamification design for your project.

Monitor, Measure and Improve Employee Journey Maps

Keeping up with trends and measuring some KPIs is essential for the success of an employee talent management.

Companies with gamification on their day-to-day practices see a mean increase of 48% on engagement and motivation, also an enhancement of 36% on the turnover rate. Gamification can also be valuable in mitigating some of the onboarding traditional mistakes that are part of the EVP – Employee Value Proposition.

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