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The challenge of a new era: Remote Onboarding

Building Onboarding Journey Maps: Best Practices

With GFoundry you will be able to use gamification techniques on your onboarding processes and with that you’ll see immediate results on people’s motivation, retention enhancement and engagement of your newcomers. Learning contents, like quizzes, vídeos or documents, are all important to align the trainees with the company mission and values. One Journey Maps is a structured path with a strong visual frame that can have one or more steps to be completed. Each one of these steps can be created by applying any of GFoundry’s modules.

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The challenge of a new era: Remote Onboarding

Teleworking was already a possibility in companies, with a growing trend in recent years, having gained an extraordinary relevance with the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic (better known as COVID-19).

If many companies were already opting for flexible working hours programs, and even for choosing the workplace other than the office, the pandemic accelerated this flexibility, and some companies worldwide have already assumed that remote work will be a constant option for their workers.

This new era of the labour market carries with it many challenges, mainly in what concerns Human Resources management. If before employees shared the same physical space, having a more direct communication without intermediaries, today’s reality presents something different. Between video calls, e-mails and chats, the relationship between employees has become more virtual, directly impacting the relationship with their peers and with the company itself. However, this challenge becomes even greater for new employees joining the organisation.

During the pandemic, most of these new employees saw their onboarding process turn into a completely virtual experience, not going through the typical walk around the office or meeting the colleagues they share a desk with, but rather through online training and video calls for introductions and diving into their new working methods.

At GFoundry, whether the onboarding is 100% physical, 100% virtual, or even hybrid, we believe that it should always provide an impactful learning and integrating experience for all employees.

What are the benefits of successful onboarding?

A successful onboarding can represent an increase of about 25% in the retention rate, having also a significant impact in productivity and in the employee’s alignment with the company and its goals. The missions you can create in the platform have an even greater relevance in the context of online onboarding, assigning a path (visual and structured) that the employee will have to go through until they are fully prepared to take on any challenge in the company.

Since the employee is doing the onboarding remotely, you can use this fact as a variable that enhances their experience, and there are no limits! By having the ability to use GFoundry in both the web version and the mobile app, you can expand the boundaries of what can be done.

A practical example

What if you challenge your employees to take your quizzes, through the Learn Module, while walking in a park in the morning? What if you also asked them for a photographic record of that morning through the Forms Module? Not only would it impact their learning experience, but it would also promote wellbeing and work-life balance.

Another practical example

How about challenging your employees to battle on quizzes, competing for the highest scores according to their knowledge? You will be promoting a more interactive social experience, while fostering a culture of healthy competition among the teams. With GFoundry, you can do that and much more!

Did You Know?

According to Aberdeen Group research, 86% of new employees choose to remain or leave their employer’s in the first 6 months, and there’s 69% probability that they stay for more than 3 years if the company fulfills both a memorable training and onboarding experience. Companies with gamification on their day-to-day practices see a mean increase of 48% on engagement and motivation, also an enhancement of 36% on the turnover rate. Gamification can also be valuable in mitigating some of the onboarding traditional mistakes that are part of the EVP – Employee Value Proposition.

Why invest in pre-Onboarding Journey Maps?

Waiting until Day 1 to start onboarding could be too late!

With GFoundry you can engage your new employees as soon as they sign your job offer until their first working day. It is an excellent opportunity for the organizations to alleviate the fears new hires might have, provide the tools to get started faster, and ultimately make them feel welcome and valued. An effective pre-onboarding strategy can also streamline the onboarding process and prepare employees to handle duties on their first day.

Phase 1

Pre-onboarding – The first phase of onboarding, also called pre-onboarding, begins as soon as a candidate accepts your offer and continues until their first day of joining. This is a very crucial time for your candidates because they are the most uncertain of what lies ahead.

Phase 2

Welcoming new hires – The second phase of onboarding is often dedicated to welcoming new hires to your organization and providing an orientation to help new hires acclimate. It’s necessary to give them a clear picture of your organization before they begin their work.

Phase 3

Role-specific training – The training phase is one of the most important phases of onboarding, and it’s directly correlated with how successful new employees will be at their jobs. A well-drafted new hire training plan will help employees feel welcome by showing that you care about their development.

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