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A complete learning experience! All the content at your fingertips to minimise the forgetting curve and continuous skills development

Make unattractive content fun!

With Gfoundry you can encourage your employees to actively participate in training on multiple topics, some of them critical but boring, such as safety, quality certifications and compliance, by creating good experiences, creating goals with interesting and motivating narratives and using the gamification tools of the GFoundry platform.

Why invest in a differentiating e-learning solution that creates more  impact and motivation?

Learning and self-development processes are important to generate business results, increase security or promote individual and collective improvement initiatives. However, people forget about 90% of what they learn and simply completing a training course does not guarantee a change in behaviour.
This is where GFoundry’s microlearning methodology comes in.

Create impactful Learning Journeys for your employees

Nowadays, even more important than having a well-structured training plan, the big challenge is to manage to turn it into an impactful and interesting experience for employees. It is important not only how the content is planned, but also how it is communicated to people. These details have an impact on the level of interest of your employees in learning moments, fundamental to ensure a higher rate of knowledge retention.

Content is king.

The GFoundry platform allows the insertion multiple types of content.

Learn training module gfoundry


The GFoundry Quizz Engine has 4 different game modes – including the battle mode, in which the users play against each other.


You can add videos from multiples sources an types. Standalone and Embedded training videos, Webinar or live training videos and more.


Podcasts are great for non-assessable training, particularly skills that revolve around mindset, motivation, and other ‘soft skills.

E-books & PDFs

This type of eLearning content it’s a very quick and easy way to share things like standard operating procedures, step-by-step processes, and other manuals with your employees, and provide a good reading experience.

VR and AR sims

Virtual reality and augmented reality are new and effective ways to offer learners real-life experience. VR is great for training both human interactions and practical training in real-world physical scenarios.

Content from other sources

The GFoundry platform also allows the integration and incorporation of content from other platforms or even a more integrated management of actions from other LMS, using our APIs.

Gamify all your learning strategy

Using GFoundry Gamification Engine, you can create game and reward dynamics through multiple user actions and achievements. You can make your company’s learning paths much more interactive and interesting for the employees, directly impacting their results and, consequently, those of your organisation.

Map your whole organisation

Create Adaptive Learning Paths for each employee, and create Personal Development Plans tailored to each employee’s actual needs.

This process, when applied at the organisational level, allows for a comprehensive perspective on the skills that the organisation already has, but also allows for the identification of gaps in key competences that may condition the smooth running of the business.
We can help you understand each employee’s suitability for their current role, create adaptive learning paths for each employee, and create Personal Development Plans tailored to each employee’s actual needs.

Monitor and Certify

A very important part of creating a Learning Journey is to understand how effective it is in transmitting knowledge.
You can monitor crucial information about people’s training through reports available both in dashboards and xlsx files.
In addition, you can also certify all employees who complete your Learning Journeys, adding relevant information to these certificates, such as their name, the date on which the training ended, the hours used and even their final score.

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