Waiting until Day 1 to start onboarding could be too late!

With GFoundry you can engage your new employees as soon as they sign your job offer until their first working day.

It is an excellent opportunity for the organizations to alleviate the fears new hires might have, provide the tools to get started faster, and ultimately make them feel welcome and valued.

An effective pre-onboarding strategy can also streamline the onboarding process and prepare employees to handle duties on their first day.

Phase 1

Pre-onboarding – The first phase of onboarding, also called pre-onboarding, begins as soon as a candidate accepts your offer and continues until their first day of joining. This is a very crucial time for your candidates because they are the most uncertain of what lies ahead.

Phase 2

Welcoming new hires – The second phase of onboarding is often dedicated to welcoming new hires to your organization and providing an orientation to help new hires acclimate. It's necessary to give them a clear picture of your organization before they begin their work.

Phase 3

Role-specific training – The training phase is one of the most important phases of onboarding, and it's directly correlated with how successful new employees will be at their jobs. A well-drafted new hire training plan will help employees feel welcome by showing that you care about their development.

banner natixis with play button
ALL ABOARD: The Power of Gamification in Natixis’ Onboarding
Natixis, in Portugal, presents itself as a Center of Excellence, whose mission is based on transforming traditional banking, developing innovative business solutions. Belonging to Groupe BPCE - the second largest French bank -, the company has in our country about 1,800 employees, a number that rises to 16,000 worldwide.