Talent Management from A to Z

The complete engagement cycle!


Attract top talent

Create attraction Missions, allowing possible candidates to enter the environment and atmosphere of your company in a more interactive, dynamic and digital way, providing a completely differentiating attration and brand awareness experience!
You can also create recruitment referral programs, where the community can refer someone for a certain position and earn a reward if that person is actually hired. Read more: Employee Referral Programmes


Create unforgettable recruitment processes

The candidates, having access to an app in which they will be in direct contact with your organisation, will be able to know, in real time, at what stage of the recruitment process they are. This way, they will feel more integrated into the organisation, creating a stronger connection right from the start of their recruitment Journey.
Candidates can fill in a form with their information, their experiences, motivations, education, and will also be able to upload their CV, presentation video, and perform some psychometric tests.


Create impactful Onboarding Journeys for your employees

With GFoundry you will be able to create as many onboarding journeys you want and use gamification techniques on your day to day processes and see immediate results on people’s motivation, retention enhancement and engagement of your newcomers.


Invest in the development of your greatest asset: your employees

People development is a critical aspect of any successful company. It involves providing employees with the necessary tools, training, and resources to enhance their skills, knowledge, and abilities.
One of the most effective ways to develop people in a company is through training programs. These programs can be designed to address specific skill gaps, such as leadership, communication, or technical skills. They can be delivered by GFoundry through a variety of formats: Quizzes, Videos, Podcasts, E-books & PDFs, VR and AR sims and Content from other sources.
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Map the talent and skills of your entire organization!

Knowing the right metrics, who your high performers are, or who is most likely to quit, will provide you with valuable insights and help you anticipate some important decisions. Know more here.
Also, the ability to skill map the whole organisation from a competency point of view is crucial for any project linked to Talent Management. Know more here.

Gamify all your talent management strategy

With GFoundry Gamification Engine you can reward your community by setting milestones, setup badges, build a virtual coins ecosystem, organize users according to their performance using leaderboards and other tools to design a true gamified impactful project.

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