Pulse Surveys & People Engagement

The level of engagement must be measured!

Know your employees better!

GFoundry’s Engagement Thermometer Module allows you to learn about key trends, sentiments and behaviour patterns across the company through continuous feedback from the entire community.
Know exactly where your actions are having an effect and which areas and teams need your support.

With this module you can:

  • Get real-time insight regarding your company’s Organizational Climate and Engagement
  • Have real-time access to 9 metrics and their evolution over time
  • Have access to a set of recommendations for improvement, according to the weaknesses found
  • Have an integrated vision of which employees are highly likely to leave the company
  • Have access to your company’s eNPS
  • Customised Assessments

Pulse Surveys

By defining the frequency of the study (which may be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly), questions are asked to employees on a scale from 0 to 10 (with coloured icons), allowing access to the Engagement Score divided into 9 metrics. The 9 metrics are:
  • Personal Development;
  • Engagement with Managers;
  • Engagement with Peers;
  • Happiness & Satisfaction;
  • Employer Branding;
  • Feedback;
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Alignment;
  • Recognition.

Customised Assessments

Using the Engagement Thermometer interface, the company can create customised assessment cycles for any purpose!
Either through scale questions (as it is done in Climate Surveys), or open-ended questions, or a combination of both, customised assessments may be created, in periods defined by the company, in which the employee may respond, also anonymously.
One example of the use of Customised Assessments could be the Assessment of Managers. The company can create pre-defined cycles in time in which employees will have to evaluate their managers, in order to have more information about their performance.

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