The importance of feedback as a performance & engagement enhancer

And how can GFoundry support the implementation of a Feedback culture!

Feedback, an efficient communication technique

The feedback process consists of sharing information with someone about their performance, reinforcing what is being done in an exemplary way, together with indicating where are the points for improvement.

It is important for any organisation to establish a culture of feedback, as it is crucial that employees and their managers are aware of their strengths and areas for improvement in order to continually work towards their development.

When talking about having a feedback culture, it is not enough to focus on formal, pre-established moments when employees are asked to give feedback to their colleagues. To achieve a feedback culture, feedback needs to flow in an organic, unplanned and honest two-way format, from employees and their managers. When the whole community starts to feel free to share their feedback with colleagues and managers as soon as they feel like it or have relevant information to do so, that is when a true feedback culture is achieved.

A fundamental part in managing engagement and changing behaviour

Some studies indicate that 4 out of 10 people feel disengaged with their company when they receive little or no feedback. In addition, around 65% of employees worldwide would like to have more feedback on their performance, with the majority of these preferring on-the-spot feedback, rather than only receiving feedback during their Performance Evaluation.

Feedback turns out to be an extremely important tool for boosting performance and engagement in the organisation as a whole. Not only is it important for managers to share feedback with their staff in order to deliver professional development, but it is also crucial for employees to share feedback with their managers, as this has a significant impact on the overall performance of their team, and therefore on the success of the organisation.

How can GFoundry help me implement a strong Feedback culture?

GFoundry is a solution that holistically impacts the entire Talent Management cycle. With the Feedback Module, it is possible not only to manage peer feedback processes, informally and in various scopes, but also to manage feedback processes between employees and managers, in both directions.

In order to create a true feedback culture, it is possible to have the module constantly available, so that any employee can share or ask for feedback whenever they wish.

This feedback can also be given in different scopes, depending on the reality of each organisation. The feedback can be in the scope of a project, it can be situational or even a more formal feedback. Through a survey, the employee shares the feedback with their colleague, which may then be made available to their manager.

At the end, it is possible to access dashboards that aggregate all the information from the feedbacks, which is an essential tool to visualise the information in a simple way.

The managers also have access to dashboards with summaries of the feedback from their team members. It is important for managers to have an overview of their team’s strengths and areas for improvement in order to work on overcoming the current challenges.

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