Innovation & Ideas Management

Give your employees a voice: promote the continuous sharing of ideas and produce measurable results that impact your business.

Promote call to ideas, participation and sharing

With Innovation module we aim to promote call to ideas participation and sharing knowledge .
You can give a voice to your employees promoting continuous sharing of ideas and feedback.
You be able to create an innovation ecosystem and transform creative ideas into business opportunities.

Multiple innovation challenges

Create multiple innovation challenges, and collect, manage, evaluate, and track ideas across your team, department or entire organization.
With our software, you can quickly launch targeted innovation initiatives, engage your workforce, and produce measurable results that impact your business.

Gamify all your innovation strategy

Using GFoundry Gamification Engine, you can create game and reward dynamics through multiple user actions and achievements. You can make your company’s innovation processes much more interactive and interesting for the employees, directly impacting their results and, consequently, those of your organisation.

Unleash the power of global collaboration

Engage your workforce around the world. Break down internal silos and geographic barriers.
Promote a global, enterprise-wide culture of innovation.
GFoundry’s advanced idea & innovation management software enable you to crowdsource on a large scale!

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