Engaged Employees

Engaged employees are individuals who are fully committed, enthusiastic, and emotionally invested in their work. They go beyond just completing tasks; they actively contribute to the success of their organization. Engaged employees are passionate about their roles, align with the company's values, and display a strong sense of purpose. They are more likely to go the extra mile, seek growth opportunities, and exhibit higher levels of productivity and creativity. Engaged employees also tend to have better job satisfaction, lower turnover rates, and positively impact the overall work environment. Creating an environment that fosters employee engagement requires effective communication, supportive leadership, meaningful recognition, and opportunities for growth and development. By prioritizing employee engagement, organizations can unlock higher levels of performance and create a culture of success.
Stay Closer: Performance Evaluation, Onboarding, Learning & Talent Management
The choice fell on GFoundry and followed the design of the model best suited to the reality of Closer, ie, starting from the matrix platform created by GFoundry, was made the customization to the specific interest of Closer, namely through the co-creation made in several modules.
Talent management at Cork Supply: a strong commitment to innovation
Fátima Gonçalves (People & Int. Communication Director at Cork Supply) and Joana Castro (People & Communication) tell us in this interview their vision for the area they lead and the results they are reaping by standing up for what they believe in and therefore invest in: people and their happiness at work.
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