Innovation promotion and management at José Mello Saúde – Case study

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Innovation Management in Healthcare Case Study

About José Mello Saúde’s Innovation promotion and management program
The José de Mello Group has been in the private provision of health care since 1945 with the CUF Hospital, a benchmark of human quality and clinical excellence in hospital care in Portugal, which has had a process of continued growth and technological upgrading, through significant investments in its modernization.
In the area of health care delivery, CUF manages a network of CUF hospitals and clinics.
With the digital support of the GFoundry digital platform, the group created a José de Mello Saúde Innovation Points system, which allowed the contribution of employees to innovation initiatives that went far beyond the generation of ideas to be valued, transversalizing the recognition for JMS Innovation.

Innovation with gamification – badges & points

A set of activities was thus defined, the implementation of which allowed employees to accumulate points.
For each block of points accumulated, each employee was entitled to receive certain compensations.
All José de Mello Saúde employees (including service providers) could submit their ideas on the platform.
One of the conditions of the program was that the ideas had to be original, not repeated and had to be related to the activity and scope of José de Mello Saúde. The ideas were organized into different categories.

Recognition Dynamics

The recognition module was also used in the promotion of all innovation dynamics, allowing interaction between peers, with the possibility of assigning stars and a comment to each user.
A peer recognition program integrated into an innovation management and promotion program plays a key role in promoting an innovation culture within a company. The main objectives is to identify, value and reward the individual and collective efforts of employees, recognizing their contributions to the development of innovative ideas.

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