Update OKR’s Module – July 2022

Gfoundry, as a complete A to Z talent management solution, is the perfect digital ecosystem to manage goals using the OKR methodology.

Since its launch, this module has been improved with lots of new features.

In this article we will focus on just three of them:

  1. Long Term Strategy
  2. The new Hierarchy View
  3. OKR’s meets Gamification

1. Long Term Strategy

This module now manages organizational objectives separately, also allowing you to define a Vision, a Mission, and a Strategy.

Having the entire organization aligned with this information is crucial to the success of an objectives management process.

Careful goal setting should take into account the organization’s strategy and should serve to understand how it is progressing toward it.

How do company strategy and OKRs relate to each other?

The company strategy determines the overall (long-term) direction of the company, letting all teams know what they are working towards. The OKR framework supports the entire organization by defining appropriate short, medium and long-term goals that everyone works towards and contributes to.

2. The new Hierarchy View

The Hierarchy View is a view that helps you visualize connections between different level Objectives. See your Organizational Objectives, and their alignment across the entire company.

This view it is perfect for company-wide presentations and big-picture reviews. You can click on an objective card to see more details.

3. OKR’s meets Gamification!

With our new gamification features, OKR’s managers can setup some useful badges to reward users when they do some things, like more than five check-ins per week, or when they achieve some milestones, like closing all key results of an important organizational objective.

July 19, 2022