Update Learn Module

You can now associate Learning Content to Competences and Skills

When you associate your learn content to skills tags, GFoundry’s Competency Mapping Engine makes an automatic association of competences and skills to employees, based on the course and interactions in the Learn Module (courses you have completed, videos you have watched, quizzes you have completed, documents you have consulted);

The immediate perception of competence gaps is possible through interactive dashboards that are automatically updated.

Read more about Competency Mapping Engine here.

Users can now find content by Competencies and Skills

During the self-development and learning processes, users have to follow paths that are created by themselves, but also by the inputs from their managers (through IDP’s), and by the skills gaps that the organization perceives and that have to be filled.

With the new content search system using skill tags and competencies, finding the right content for the right person has never been easier!

Specific paths can also be created, segmented by specific skills.

Abril 10, 2022