A ALENTO nasce do desejo dos seus fundadores de dotarem o mercado de uma alternativa válida na área dos Recursos Humanos.

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ALENTO is a GFoundry’s Partner

Website: ALENTO

ALENTO was born out of its founders’ desire to provide the market with a valid alternative in the area of Human Resources. Based on the premise of delivering high quality work, with innovative features both in form and content, at ALENTO we work in the following areas:

Based in the north of Portugal, we develop our activity throughout the national market, always with a keen eye on the world scene and with a special focus on the PALOP countries.

Our success is based on the know-how of all ALENTO’s members, making the difference through the cost-quality relationship of our services, their complementarity and our commitment to a close, trusting and individualized relationship with each of our clients.


ALENTO aims to provide the Human Resources sector with women and men who enhance quality in every company. Respect and elegance for our partners and competitors are our hallmark, as well as individualized and flexible client support.


Customer satisfaction, working on all its singularities. To guarantee the innovation and diversification of our products, creating value for ALENTO.


ALENTO guides its activity with rigour, transparency, confidentiality, elegance and dedication, always based on a close relationship with each client.

GFoundry + Partners: Together in building solutions to maximize the value of your investment!

GFoundry realized that it cannot be alone when it comes to strategy, assessment, consulting, gamification design and monitoring of our customers. That is why we always invite a partner from the network we are building, chosen for their expertise in each specific project.

July 5, 2021