New International Partnership with DayoneHR!

Together we will impact how Talent is managed in the United Kingdom!

We are excited to announce a new International Partnership with DayoneHR from the UK!

DayoneHR is an HR Tech Consulting company that supports startups and growing companies in implementing technology solutions for Talent Management. They provide services in Project Management, Systems Implementation, Technology Selection, Auditing and Business Transformation Coaching.

This partnership will allow us to impact the way Talent is managed outside our borders, reaching the United Kingdom with our digital solution for Employee Engagement through gamification.

DayoneHR operates in a strategic market for GFoundry: United Kingdom. This partnership arises from sharing the same vision regarding the challenges that human resources are currently facing. Like DayoneHR, we believe that technological transformation should be used to put the employee at the centre of operations and processes, to boost employee engagement and, as a result, increase the productivity of the entire organisation. Happy employees produce more and better!

João Carvalho – CEO, GFoundry

The importance of our Partners

Our Partners are strategically important for any GFoundry project. Along with them, we are able to provide a solution-as-a-service that includes a digital platform for your employees, with services of an HR expert that will help you explore the full potential of the digital environment.

Our partners are the bridge between the platform and the employees, making sure that the platform is successfully implemented.

Thus, the time invested by the client in implementing GFoundry decreases significantly, since they will have a Partner to support throughout the year.

If you would like to know more about GFoundry and its Partners, book a demo now!

Examples of services provided by our Partners

  1. Strategic consulting
  2. Project management
  3. Creative design
  4. Gamification Design
  5. Content production
  6. Data science services
  7. Training and Technical Support
  8. Follow-up and Success Management
  9. Digital Marketing and Analytics Services