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GFoundry Base Plan

With GFoundry’s Self-Service Base Plan, you can leverage employee engagement by free, using our gamification engine and these modules:
OKRs, Feedback, Pulse Surveys and Marketplace.

OKR’s Module

Unleash the power of the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) module, a goal-setting system that promotes alignment, focus, and transparency.
Set, track, and achieve your most ambitious goals while ensuring complete organizational alignment. Our clients love the way it simplifies goal tracking and enhances team collaboration. Click here to know more.

Feedback Module

Step into a new era of communication and feedback with our robust Feedback Module.
Create a true feedback culture in your organization with the ability to manage feedback processes in various scopes. Share and solicit feedback in the context of projects, situational instances, or more formal settings. Click here to know more.

Pulse Surveys

Feel the pulse of your organization like never before with our Engagement Thermometer.
Carry out regular pulse surveys and customized assessments to gain valuable insights into your workforce’s engagement and satisfaction levels. This tool allows you to access anonymized employee responses across nine vital metrics, enabling proactive decision-making and action.
Being an extremely agile and highly automated tool, our clients can use this module for 3 major purposes (that can work simultaneously or not):
  1. Pulse Surveys;
  2. Net Promoter Score Surveys
  3. Customised Assessments.

Click here to know more.

Marketplace Module

Compensation and benefits play a significant role in attracting, retaining, and motivating employees. More than just a paycheck, a comprehensive benefits package demonstrates a company’s investment in its employees’ well-being and their future.
The Marketplace module innovatively expands the notion of compensation by transforming it into an engaging, gamified experience.
Within this virtual store, employees can exchange virtual coins they earn through achieving milestones for a range of customizable perks. These perks can reflect an individual’s personal preferences and values, ranging from vouchers for external products or services to additional holiday days, and even contributions to social causes.

Gamification Engine

Experience the thrill of gamification with our robust Gamification Engine. Reward achievements, incentivize your team with Badges, create an exciting virtual coins ecosystem, and display performance rankings with our dynamic leaderboards.


What our clients say about us

… “A great advantage of the platform is the possibility of being completely customizable, we can quickly increase the content and make it available in real time for all our collaborators.” Read more here!

Catarina Vasconcelos Matias
HR Manager, Closer Consulting
mariana caraca

“Gamification was the right way to modernize our training system for the pharmacists we work with. We wanted to develop a platform for those looking for in-depth training – but at the same time, explore the possibility of providing quick tips/key messages to make it easier to retain our products in the face of growing competition. ” Read more here!

Mariana Caraça
Marketing Diretor, Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique Portugal

“It is a simple, intuitive tool that is easy to use and generates immediate results. It is a solution for any business area.

Giving the example of training, GFoundry goes beyond the traditional LMS because it has mobile apps, does not require a desktop, schedules and, above all, it is fun and serves our purposes.” Read more here!

Pedro Correia
Training Manager, DPD

“GFoundry is a solution that allows the integration of processes, with which people can consult the annual objectives, their evaluation, protocols with various entities, access their information and that of the company, participate in activities and interact with the community.

We recommend GFoundry to any company that wants to introduce dynamics in its activities with people and see a transformation in behaviour and results.” Read more here!

Fátima Gonçalves
People & Int. Communication Director, Cork Supply

“With this solution we guarantee that the entire performance management process is truly ongoing and easy to access.

Employees always have their objectives and development plan available in the “Soma Talent” module.” Read more here!

Cláudia Batista
Head Of Training and Development, Leroy Merlin

“We started the partnership with GFoundry still pre-pandemic, never imagining it would be so useful to us at a stage when we have people all from home and how are we now going to be able to reach them, and keep them engaged, when they end up doing an onboarding all remotely!” Read more here!

Mariana Vieira de Sá
Human Resources Director, Carglass
Woitek Szymankiewicz, Closer Consulting Partner v2

“Nowadays there is a huge war for talent. We all want to have the best people working with us. Connecting with people at work is super important. With GFoundry we have solved that challenge very well.” Read more here!

Woitek Szymankiewicz,
Partner, Closer Consulting
Maurício Marques HR diretor Natixis

“We thought it might be a good idea to come up with something that would complement their (traditional) onboarding plan in some way. We needed something that in addition to the 2-day onboarding would give them something more personal, allow them to get to know the (Natixis) culture better.” Know more here.

Maurício Marques
Human Resources Director, Natixis
Nuno morais

“I am very optimistic about the ultimate impact the app (AppyBrain) will have on children’s education in the future.” Read more here.

Nuno Morais
Partner & Co-founder, Impacting Group

“Despite having at its base the use of game elements, game principles and techniques, the implementation of this type of tools in an organization should be taken very seriously, with a well thought-out and defined strategy. Without a doubt, a high potential platform that with adequate investment and dedication, has supported us in improving performance, motivation, training and overall engagement of our employees.”

Marta Serrano
HR Business Partner, Randstad Portugal

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Case Studies. Click here to read more.

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