G-Breakfast – A pleasant moment of networking after lockdown!

Event organised in partnership with Fórmula do Talento

On the 7th of October, at the HF Fénix Hotel in Marquês de Pombal, GFoundry organized its first G-Breakfast, in partnership with Fórmula do Talento – one of GFoundry’s Partners.

The concept of the event was born from GFoundry’s intention to provide a moment of networking, in an invitation-only format, between representatives of companies from different areas, during breakfast. After a pandemic period, in which all events were held remotely, the balance of having returned to a face-to-face format was very positive.

During the breakfast, the participants also had the opportunity to learn more about GFoundry platform and the importance of Fórmula do Talento‘s role as Partner of the platform.

As the guests were divided between 2 tables, 2 teams were formed to compete on the platform through several previously prepared dynamics.

This moment was crucial to demonstrate the potentialities of the platform, but also to show that its use is simple, practical and very intuitive.

We would like to thank the companies present for their participation and enthusiasm during the morning:

In addition, we also appreciate the presence and support of our Partner Fórmula do Talento, crucial to explain its role as a specialist in HR solutions as a complement to a platform like GFoundry.