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people is a GFoundry’s partner.

Website: people value

Open Courses | Business Solutions | Digital Learning | Consultancy/ Outsourcing

Developing the Future to inspire a higher performance and well-being at work!

We believe that the development of People and Organisations is the result of Involvement, Passion and Innovation.
Our mission is to build the conditions for people to feel motivated and inspired at work and thus leverage the success of organisations.

We have a team with more than 20 years of experience in the HR and Organisational World.
And every day we invest a lot of our time in creating better learning and development solutions – our reward is guaranteed customer satisfaction.

What drives us is the ambition to add value to People and Organisations.
Sharing know-how, developing skills and leveraging performance are our commitment to each project.
We work with a multidisciplinary team totally oriented towards quality delivery.
Innovation and creativity are always our watchwords.

GFoundry + Partners: Together in building solutions to maximize the value of your investment!

GFoundry realized that it cannot be alone when it comes to strategy, assessment, consulting, gamification design and monitoring of our customers. That is why we always invite a partner from the network we are building, chosen for their expertise in each specific project.

December 12, 2022