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What is a GFoundry Course?

A GFoundry course is made up of 6 components, which all together will embody a fantastic learning experience with gamification, on any device, anytime, anywhere.

1 Player Journey


4 Badges

4 Quizes

1 Certificate

1 Video

Learning Journey

Your people will access a  learning mission in a structured and tangible way through a visually appealing digital learning journey.


A learning approach in a micro-learning environment has been proven highly effective. Each GFoundry course has 4 quizzes, each with up to 4 game modes to guarantee continuous interaction.


Achievements must be awarded! Each GFoundry course features 4 badges for completing each of the 4 game modes available in the quizzes.

Course Completion Certificates

Finishing a course is an achievement that must be reinforced. With the certificates each user receives a personalised and customised proof of completion.

PDF & Vídeo

A document containing more information is important as a complement to Quiz learning. These PDFs can contain images, layouts, drawings, and of course, text.

And… nothing better than a video to reinforce the learning mission. The video is in youtube format, curated by GFoundry, and can be consulted before or after the Quiz.

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