Engagement Thermometer Module

Engagement must be measured!

GFoundry´s Engagement Thermometer is our happiness monitor that helps your company understand how your people really feel about their job, their managers and company culture…and if they feel really… happy.

Better Understand Your Employees!

GFoundry Engagement Thermometer allows you to follow key trends and patterns across your company through continuous employee feedback.

Know exactly where your actions are impacting, and what areas and teams need your support.

There are 9 areas you can measure:

  1. Personal Development
  2. Engagement with Managers
  3. Happiness & Satisfaction
  4. Employer branding
  5. Engagement with Peers
  6. Feedback
  7. Work-Life Balance
  8. Alignment
  9. Recognition

You decide when!

The periodicity of questions can be defined in backoffice.

Engagement Thermometer can also be visible only to a group of people through group targeting.